New video series: Introducing Finnish media literacy policy

Media literacy in Finland is the media literacy policy and the national media education policy document, published by the Ministry of Education and Culture. In the new video series the experts from the National audiovisual institute explore and discuss the topic of media literacy policy.

Media literacy in Finland 

Media literacy has been taught and developed in Finland for a long time. How the Finnish field of media literacy is constructed currently? 

Video: Media literacy and media education in Finland

Participatory media literacy policy development 

The field of media education in Finland is diverse, which is why the media education policy was prepared in a participatory manner. How the preparation was conducted in practice? What areas are included in the policy? 

Video: Participatory media literacy policy development 

Objective 1 – A comprehensive approach 

The media education provided in Finland is comprehensive in terms of its content, perspectives, target groups and geographic distribution. How the comprehensive media education can be understood and how it can be promoted? 

Video: A comprehensive approach

Objective 2 – High-quality media education 

Media education in Finland is of high-quality, meaningful and non-discriminatory. How the high-quality media education can be understood and how it can be promoted? 

High-quality media education

Objective 3: Systematic media education

The media education offered in Finland is systematic and consistent. What topics are related to systematic media education? How the systematic media education can be promoted? 

Systematic media education

Implementation of the media literacy policy  

The media literacy policy aim to support the development and planning of media education. Even the best plans are irrelevant if they do not have a practical impact. What are the key elements of policy implementation? How the implementation of the policy is supported in Finland?  

Video: Implementation of the media literacy policy  


Experts in the videos:

Julia Alajärvi, Project manager

Lauri Palsa, Senior adviser

Saara Salomaa, Senior Adviser

You can find the Finnish media literacy policy online (in PDF format).