Media literacy is a civic skill

The Media Literacy in Finland website compiles information about Finnish media education and media literacy. On this website you can learn more about the national media education policy and read about topical issues, studies, news and phenomena. The website is aimed at professionals in different fields working with media literacy and media education topics. This service is offered by the National Audiovisual Institute.


Support and help

KAVIn tehtävänä on yleisesti edistää mediakasvatusta sekä toimia mediakasvatuslinjausten toimeenpanon koordinaattorina. Annamme tukea mediakasvatuskentälle ja neuvomme medialukutaitoon liittyvissä kysymyksissä.

Support and help

The purpose of KAVI is to generally promote media education and to coordinate the implementation of the Media Education Policy. We offer support to the media education field and advise on questions relating to media literacy.

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Media literacy consists of many different skills and abilities. Media education, on the other hand, aims to improve people’s media literacy.

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Research-based practice

Research provides tools for understanding media literacy, related phenomena and activities. This open access guide is an introduction to research-based practice, its rationale, methods and development.

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