KAVI has stopped using X

KAVI stopped communicating and discussing on the X-messaging service because the use of the service is in conflict with KAVI’s values and objectives. In KAVI’s assessment, the use of the messaging service no longer contributes to a social debate that supports equal inclusion, safe media use and the overall safety of citizens. 

KAVI’s mission is to preserve the audiovisual cultural heritage and promote media education. To date, KAVI has communicated and contributed to the debate on media literacy, safe use of the Internet and age rating of video programmes, in particular in X. However, the current management of the messaging service has systematically dismantled the measures taken by Twitter (now X) to prevent the spread of disinformation and hate speech on the service. X is no longer the online environment in which KAVI wishes to operate. 

The decision applies to all user accounts on X used by KAVI. KAVI will continue to communicate on media skills through its instagram and facebook accounts. Medialukutaito Suomessa will share information promoting the implementation of the national guidelines for media education on its facebook account. Safer Internet activities coordinated by KAVI will switch to LinkedIn instead of X. 

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Specialist Saara Salomaa