“Media literacy reflections” – International experts offer perspectives on media education in a new video series

Blog 27.6.2023 / Photo: Sofia Grönberg

In a media-saturated world, equal and high-quality media literacy is increasingly important. However, the promotion of media literacy is not an easy task. Fortunately, media literacy professionals have a lot of possibilities to find solutions to complex challenges.

In the midst of rapid changes, impactful solutions can be found, for example, by listening to others, learning about current phenomena and concepts, discussing together and reflecting on issues from the perspective of one’s own experiences and strengths.

The new Media literacy reflections -video series offers professionals working in the field of media literacy and related topics the opportunity to explore and reflect on current phenomena from the perspective of their own expertise.

The presentations by international experts help to make connections between different concepts, sectors, communities and social environments, while inspiring new thinking and opening up new perspectives.

The video series can be found at: www.medialiteracy.fi/reflections

You can use the videos to develop your own thinking or use them to stimulate discussion in your professional community.


Lauri Palsa, PhD, Senior adviser

National audiovisual institute KAVI