The Media Literacy in Finland website has been renewed 

KAVI’s new website aims to give an overall view of media literacy and the work carried out to promote media literacy in Finland. The website contains the latest news, research results, media education providers, networks and international activities in the field of media literacy. Some of the content is also available in English and Swedish.

The Media Literacy in Finland website was originally created as the website for the media education policy. The policy can still be found on the website, but now the website has been expanded to serve those interested in media literacy and media education more extensively than before. The website is maintained by the National Audiovisual Institute KAVI’s media education team. Readers can also influence the content by suggesting topical news stories or research results that we can add to the website. 

In the News section we will publish the latest news from KAVI’s media education work, as well as general news stories and articles about the field. We will share our latest news on social media to reach our target audiences. The media education policy has been placed on its own page, which also contains links to other related material, such as a series of videos in Finnish and English. 

The website monitors the promotion of media literacy 

Creating an overall picture includes examining the state of media literacy, which on this website particularly refers to research and statistics on media literacy and media education. In the section Promoting media literacy we aim to collect a large group of organisations who work to promote media literacy and media education. This section also includes a list of projects and co-operation networks related to media education. We hope that those working in media education will participate actively in keeping this section up to date.

Content also available in English and Swedish

The website includes the Media Literacy in Finland policy in full in English and Swedish, as well as an outline of the organisations promoting media literacy. News in other languages than Finnish will occasionally be published under News, and you can always get in touch with our experts in English. We also aim to provide services in Swedish as far as possible. You can find learning content in English and Swedish on www.mediataitokoulu.fi.

Written by: Julia Alajärvi